ATI Global Markets is a NEXA Advisors project. NEXA Advisors provides strategic advisory services to the aerospace industry. Clients seek out NEXA Advisors to help develop transformational business models in the aerospace supply chain, business aviation, air traffic management, homeland security, geomatics, energy and clean technologies.

NEXA Advisors is a member of NEXA Capital Partners, an investment banking firm helping clients develop and implement effective corporate finance, capital investment and M&A strategies leading to higher growth in enterprise value. NEXA has served small, mid-market and large aerospace companies since 2007. In 2010, NEXA Capital Partners founded The NextGen Equipage Fund, LLC, a new investment fund created to accelerate equipage of aircraft with NextGen avionics. The NextGen Fund is an innovative $1.5 billion infrastructure fund, whose investors include some of the largest and most successful aerospace companies in the world.

The Editorial Board of ATI Global Markets includes a number of the world’s leading thinkers on air traffic control and infrastructure finance. The Editorial Board dictated the tone and direction of the editorial policy of ATI Global Markets.

A dedicated, cross-functional team of NEXA professionals was assembled for this project.  Each team member has a unique understanding and discipline to apply, including research, policy expertise, CNS/ATM technology understanding, market forecasting, financial and cost benefit modeling, investment banking, and infrastructure finance.

Michael J. Dyment

Managing Editor

Russell G. Chew

Editorial Advisor

James P. Hughey

Contributing Editor

Carter P. Brockman

Contributing Editor

Tulinda Larsen

Market Analyst